About Knitright

Knitright was established by Mr.Royal Huang in 2018.

We have helped our clients registered more than 1000 trademarks in China and more 500 trademarks worldwide.

We are aiming at providing a fast and reliable trademark service worldwide at a reasonable price.

The below is our certificate registered in China.

TM Certificate in Chinese
TM certificate in English

About our license

Our company full name is :Shenzhen Knitright IP LTD.


We have got a trademark attorney license from CNIPA in 2018.See below screenshoot from CNIPA official website .

You can check it yourself in here.

Copy our Chinese company name  “深圳织权知识产权代理有限公司” and paste it in the search area ,then click “查询”,you will find our license.

About Mr.Royal Huang

Mr.Royal Huang holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and law.

Mr.Huang is a licensed trademark and patent attorney in China and has extensive experience in dealing with matters in all areas of intellectual property in China, especially in the field of trademarks 

Mr.Huang’s working language is Mandarin and English.

Here are some picture of Mr.Huang in some conferences .

Minister Counsellor - EU Embassy to China,Mr.MARTEN Günther with Mr.Huang
WIPO CHINA Director ,,Mr.LYU with Mr.Huang
Mr.Huang at CHTF

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